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Is Coffee Addictive Or Not?

If you drink coffee daily, you may wonder if you are actually addicted to this beverage. Most people know that caffeine, one of the main components in this drink, can be extremely addictive. However, when the caffeine is removed from coffee, is it still possible that you could be addicted to this beverage? Companies like Tank Coffee have emerged that sell coffee beans online which may be adding to the problem. There are many people that believe that coffee, in and of itself, is actually addicting, regardless of the quantity of caffeine that is in the cup of coffee you are drinking. Here is a quick overview of whether or not coffee is addictive.

Is Coffee Addicting For Most People?

There are many countries where people must have their cup of coffee in the morning. It allows them to begin to function, usually moments after they take their first step. Some people prefer their coffee black, or they may add cream and sugar. For those that are purchasing coffee drinks at the local coffee shop, they may do so on a daily basis, primarily because they will feel that their entire day will not go right without this beverage. For some, coffee is a habit that has been established over the years. They may have been drinking this for decades. But is it the habit of drinking coffee which mimics an addiction, or is coffee itself really that addicting? Let’s first look at what caffeine does to the body, and why the absence of caffeine may not play a large role in a person’s overall addiction.

Caffeine In Coffee

Caffeine is a type of compound that serves as a stimulant, specifically affecting the central nervous system. It’s not only found in coffee beans, but it is also dominant in the tea that you drink as well. It is well-known that tea leaves, from which tea is derived, has more caffeine than coffee beans do. However, due to the way that coffee is prepared, it is a much stronger drink, and therefore, cup for cup, you will have more caffeine in the coffee that you brew. That being said, what if you were to take the caffeine out of the coffee you were drinking. Would you still be addicted? Would you actually notice, or more specifically, which are central nervous system actually be affected in the absence of caffeine?

Is Coffee Addictive Or The Caffeine?

There are some people that are simply addicted to drinking coffee in the morning. In fact, many people do this throughout the day. Those that drink caffeinated coffee will tell you that there is a noticeable taste difference when compared to drinking decaffeinated coffee. This is true because they can actually taste the residue of the methylene chloride or ethyl acetate that is used to extract the caffeine. This is why many people will never switch over because of this different taste, and it is this taste of coffee that often addicts people. This is especially true for speciality drinks that come with a substantial amount of sugar and cream. Some people cannot even tell the difference between caffeinated coffee, and that which is decaf, because their senses are overwhelmed by the creamy and sugary taste of this beverage. In regard to caffeine itself, it can be mildly addicting. Your central nervous system will definitely know the difference. But for those that are simply in the habit of drinking coffee, looking for that specific flavour, that is often enough for people to become addicted even in the absence of caffeine in the coffee itself.

In conclusion, coffee can be addicting, but it can be this way for more than one reason. Caffeine does become somewhat addicting, primarily because of how it affects your central nervous system, but other people are simply addicted to the flavour. That’s why some people will only choose one particular type of coffee, such as French roast, because of its strong and distinct flavour. The same is true for those five dollar cups of coffee that come with your favourite flavours. The only way that you will know if you are truly addicted to coffee, specifically because of the caffeine, is to get your speciality drink decaffeinated. It is then you will conclusively know if you are addicted to the stimulant, or simply the habit of drinking your coffee in the morning.

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